Playing: Mystic Man

The 9-piece band known as Lakay was founded by Mystic Man – the lead-singer, composer, and arranger of Lakay's music. Mystic Man was born in Haiti and by the early age of 7 he caught the bird and fell in love with music. He's been playing ever since.

In addition to singing, Mystic Man plays many different instruments as music is his one true passion. He is influenced by many different styles of music, which is what makes him so popular – his versatility and variety. From Africa to the Caribbean to Latin America, Lakay's music consists of many different styles such as Calypso, Reggae, Soca, Zouk, Kompa, Latin, Soukous, Highlife, Rara, and more.

Playing: Dubtonic Kru

Coming from different parts of Jamaica, the members of Dubtonic Kru, individually have been exposed to a variety of musical genres over the years.

The founding members of Dubtonic Kru are Deleon “Jubba” White and Strickland “Stone” Stone, a dynamic Drum & Bass duo who, over the years have contributed to the development of modern Roots Reggae with their unique sound and approach that intertwines Jubba’s mesmorizing Reggae/Jazz Fusion drumming with Stone’s groovy, yet pulsating bass lines.

The Kru has gained about a decade and a half of experience from touring and or recording with the legendary likes of Max Romeo, U-Roy, Burning Spear, The Mighty Diamonds as well as modern day artists such as Bushman, Junior Kelly, Richie Spice, Lutan Fyah and Voicemail to name a few…

Playing: Army

Army (Fritzmaurice Williams) was born and raised on St. Croix, Virgin Islands. He began his musical journey at the age of five as a member of the youth choir at the church his family attended. Little did he know that he was laying the foundation for what would become a very promising musical career.

Determined to explore a variety of styles, he learned to play the saxophone, became a member of a jazz band and sang in various local bands. After relocating to the New York City, completing his education, and serving in the US Army (which is how he got his name), Army returned home and became deeply involved in the local reggae scene.

Playing: Norma Fraser

Norma Fraser is the original Jamaican reggae artist who recorded the classic hit, "The First Cut Is The Deepest." She recorded and performed with Bob Marley & The Wailers,The Skatalites, Ernest Ranglin, Jackie Matoo. Her vocal duos comprised of hits with Lord Creator, Ken Boothe, Slim Smith, Lord Brynner as well as many other music legends.

Studio One's Come By Here/Wailers & I Stand Predominate featured the vocal talents of Norma Fraser, Rita Marley, Bunny Wailer, Bob Marley were the last songs Bob Marley cut for the Studio One Label. Norma Fraser is considered an International Reggae Legend. “It all started for me at Studio One, the record label that was like the Motown label in America.

Playing: Paapa Wastik

Paapa Wastik is a conscious African Dancehall-Reggae artist. Whose musical talent began around the tender age of five in his hometown of Cape Coast, Ghana where music is a predominant part of his culture.

He grew up surrounded by a variety of music and as a child was always singing and beating empty cans as makeshift drums. Through his passion for music he became a self-taught drummer and started drumming at church . In elementary school he began writing his own lyrics, and in secondary high school he was well known for representing his school in inter-regional school talent shows and musical activities.

Due to his popularity he was then invited to almost every regional youth school entertainment as well as other talent shows.Paapa Wastik was also involved in organizing many music and talent shows around the Cape Coast municipalities and became known as one of the top performers in his region.