Burke wows fans with her lovely smile

Months ago, X Factor star Alexandra posed nude for a PETA program against t he usage of fur in fashion industry, she appeared quite bold with her dresses on. Yesterday, the singer was seen sporting dazzling black colored attire along with a jewel crusted bodice as well as a sheer skirt as she paid heed the launch of new pop-up The London Cabaret Club.

The twenty five year old singer was seen partying at the popular nightspot One Mayfair along with her celeb buddy Eliza Doolittle. With her brown long hair styled in a shower of side curls, the Hallelujah star appeared stunning coy in the gown that was raised with just a blink of red nail polish. To keep a downplayed appearance, she sported only nude make up and some fixed eyelashes.

Burke talks about posing naked for PETA campaign

Alexandra Burke, the former X Factor winner, has told that she is proud for posing naked for PETA. Burke told that she agreed to strip for animal rights charity not even thinking how difficult the saucy shoot would be.

According to reports, while speaking to a leading website, she told that when she was asked to do the photo shoot, the 1st thing that comes out of her mouth is yes and then she realize that she just has said yes to a great cause and that overrides feeling not confident. And as much as it was nerve-wracking she had everyone around her to feel comfortable.

The singer added that her mother knew she was doing it, but she did not tell her dad until it went out on the papers. She told that her dad is not that person to be stripping off naked in front of, but he really thought it was a great thing to do, an encouraging thing to talk about and show people what they stand for.

Alexandra Burke might be The Voice coach

Alexandra Burke, the former X Factor winner has thrown her name a position as a The Voice UK TV show’s coach. At present, the BBC show is lacking 2 new members after judges Danny O'Donoghue and Jessie J left to pursue their careers at the end of the 2nd series.

In a recent interview, Alexandra Burke told that she would prefer to take up a coaching job in spite of her affiliation with their rivals X Factor. The twenty four year old singer told that she would actually consider joining The Voice. She thinks that it is really a great show. She is a fan of this talent show.

More than that, the All Night Long star stated that she was really excited for this year's program of the X Factor that will feature the comeback of Sharon Osbourne. Burke told that she is a fan of the new panel. It is great that Sharon is back in the panel. It would be great and burke really adore her.

Alexandra Burke performs at Chaka Kahn's

Alexandra Burke, the former X Factor, has finally made her mark in United States previous night being the single United Kingdom performer to hit the stage at the Chaka Kahn's Hall Of Fame Tribute event in New York previous night along with some of top heroes as well as female icons such as Erykah Badu, Mary J. Blige, Patti LaBelle, Jennifer Holliday and Deborah Cox.

The event celebrated Chaka Khan's magnificent career inducting 'Ain't Nobody' singer's induction in the Hall Of Fame. The event took place at the Apollo Theatre with invitees including Wayne Brady, Sarah Jessica Parker as well as the all time great Chaka herself.

The former X Factor winner even performed a duet song with United States superstars Jennifer and Deborah. Shrieking with joy after the gig the 'Bad Boys' star tweeted: "Last night was so overwhelming! I was unsure if the moment was even real, performing alongside such legends. Wow!”

Alexandra Burke all set to sing the blues

Alexandra Burke is all set to perform a Billie Holiday musical tribute. The former X Factor winner is taking a new musical direction along with a 5 night residency at the Royal Albert Hall in London, United Kingdom. Burke, the Broken Heels singer, is will sing the soundtrack from 1972 film called Lady Sings The Blues with a live jazz band.

The movie said Billie Holiday's life story and starred Diana Ross, featuring blues and jazz. 24 year old Alexandra Burke told that she is really very excited to perform these concerts in such an iconic venue. It is an really honor to be able to sing the songs of Billie Holiday and she has very strong emotional attachment to them.