Grooveshark to launch digital music station 'Broadcasts' for mobile devices

Grooveshark, the US based online music streaming service, is currently set to enter into online radio arena, with its launch of Pandora-like digi-music platform named 'Broadcasts' for mobile sets.

The approaching launch of 'Broadcasts' service by United States Grooveshark marks an apparent change in strategy by the firm that has been fighting copyright infringement lawsuits for the last eight years with the 4 leading music labels as well as independent music artists, for streaming music, owned by them, without getting a license.

With Grooveshark presently offering on-demand tracks, such as their present US$ 9 per month unlimited service, the Broadcasts service would have radio stations made by users; along with the company to give royalties for every track it plays.

Grooveshark’s 'Broadcasts' digital music service’s monthly cost will be just ninety-nine cents. The service would be totally free from advertisements; and is scheduled to be introduced on android and in iOS users in January 2015. The service would let users to send text one another when accessing the custom radio stations made by other users.

Meanwhile, recently SoundCloud came into a licensing contract with the Warner Music Group, but they have not got to a deal with UMG or Sony. As part of this contract, WMG would purchase 3% to 5% of the SoundCloud.

These licensing dialogues are part of a bigger SoundCloud strategy to offer payouts to labels and artists — strategy major labels have been advertising. Slowly, SoundCloud is going toward a paid subscription model which would let users to listen to advertisement free music.