Alexandra Burke wants to be a mum before she is thirty

Alexandra Burke, the 26 year old X Factor winner recently stated that she is at a point where she is considering dating, and she want kids before she is thirty. The British pop star is now fearing the she is probably running out of time.

The X Factor winner will turn seventeen this year and she told that she want to be a mum before she is thirty.

Still, she said that she finds it hard to trust men. She told that she finds it hard to know who’s interested in her just for her. She is really cautious. She recently got chatted up in Marks & Spencer. He had no idea who she was.

He asked her out, but she panicked because she is not used to this.

She added that her life is perfect but the cherry on top would be to settle down. She is at a point where she is thinking of dating, but “I’m not doing Tinder, Jesus, no. I want kids by 30 so better get cracking.”

At present, she is in West End musical The ­Bodyguard. She admitted that her workaholic nature has actually made her lonely. She does not have a whole lot of friends.

Recently, the 26 year old was dressed a glitzy sheer top that showed off her assets as she was standing outside Wise Buddah Studios in London earlier on Tuesday. She donned a modest black top under the metallic cover, revealing her slim physique in a couple of black leggings.