Alexandra Burke wants to be a mum before she is thirty

Alexandra Burke, the 26 year old X Factor winner recently stated that she is at a point where she is considering dating, and she want kids before she is thirty. The British pop star is now fearing the she is probably running out of time.

The X Factor winner will turn seventeen this year and she told that she want to be a mum before she is thirty.

Still, she said that she finds it hard to trust men. She told that she finds it hard to know who’s interested in her just for her. She is really cautious. She recently got chatted up in Marks & Spencer. He had no idea who she was.

He asked her out, but she panicked because she is not used to this.

She added that her life is perfect but the cherry on top would be to settle down. She is at a point where she is thinking of dating, but “I’m not doing Tinder, Jesus, no. I want kids by 30 so better get cracking.”

Alexandra Burke premieres her new song 'Go Down'

Alexandra Burke, the Brit singer, has premiered an all new track.

The music superstar has ollaborated with Shakka for brand new cut 'Go Down' that has been lifted from her upcoming Renegade EP. This got its very first play on BBC Radio 1Xtra in the weekend, and follows the release of title single 'Renegade' previous week.

The brand new digital collection will have 6 brand new tracks when it is unveiled on 27th April. More than that the new tracks has tracks like 'Don't Make It Easy', ‘Hall of Fame' and 'Ain't That Right'.

In the past, Burke told that she has worked really hard on this and there have been tears, laughter and sweat. Renegade touches upon experiences and themes which she has never spoken out about before. Since the previous album, a whole lot has altered in her life, but most importantly she has altered. She is in a great place, healthier and stronger than ever.

Alexandra Burke Plays The Lead Role In The Bodyguard

It has been confirmed that Alexandra Burke will play the role of Rachel Marron in “The Bodyguard”, which is in production at the Wales Millennium Centre.

The hit musical of Thea Sharrock scheduled to take place in June 16-27 2015, will feature the X Factor winner and 3 time Brit nominee, Alexandra Burke, in the leading role. She admitted that joining the tour, being on the stage, and getting started has brought her great happiness and excitement.

While Alexandra plays Rachel Marron’s role at the evening performances, Zoe Birkett will play the role at matinee performances. Winning the 5th series of X Factor has been a career defining moment for Alexandra Burke. Her debut single number Hallelujah sold more than a million copies, a feat for an English female soloist. Her first album titled Overcome was followed with the release of hit singles like Start Without You and Bad Boys.

Grooveshark to launch digital music station 'Broadcasts' for mobile devices

Grooveshark, the US based online music streaming service, is currently set to enter into online radio arena, with its launch of Pandora-like digi-music platform named 'Broadcasts' for mobile sets.

The approaching launch of 'Broadcasts' service by United States Grooveshark marks an apparent change in strategy by the firm that has been fighting copyright infringement lawsuits for the last eight years with the 4 leading music labels as well as independent music artists, for streaming music, owned by them, without getting a license.

With Grooveshark presently offering on-demand tracks, such as their present US$ 9 per month unlimited service, the Broadcasts service would have radio stations made by users; along with the company to give royalties for every track it plays.

Alexandra Burke set to play Rachel’s character in The Bodyguard musical

Alexandra Burke, the Bad Boys star, would perform the role during the gig’s run at the venue from 4th March, Wednesday to 14th March, Saturday. On 4th March, The Bodyguard made its Scottish premiere at King's Theatre, in Glasgow.
According to reports, Alexandra Burke stated that she could not be happier to be joining the tour and she is very excited to get started. Being on the theatre stage has brought her great happiness. It is a real honor to have been asked to join the team and she look forward to creating new and long lasting memories with the cast.
Alexandra Burke came to fame after winning X Factor’s 5th series. Her debut No 1 track Hallelujah sold more than 1 million copies in United Kingdom, a 1st for a Brit female soloist. Burke's very first album, Overcome saw the release of her subsequent No 1 tracks Bad Boys as well as Start Without You.